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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Windows With Shutters

You want your windows to look beautiful inside and out, but you may not have the budget to replace them entirely. The average cost to install a new window begins at $450, so upgrading all the windows in your home can add up quickly.
You can make your existing windows look new and more inviting by doing a few small interior and exterior upgrades. Here are three ways you can upgrade your windows without replacing them outright simply by adding shutters. Explore the benefits of functional and decorative exterior shutters as well as interior designs.
Decorative Exterior Shutters
Exterior shutters for decoration add dimension to the outside of your home while making your windows appear larger. You can buy shutters in a variety of hues and different materials. Common materials for shutters include:
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Steel
If you want custom shutters in a certain design or color, then plastic, vinyl or fiberglass shutters may be your best option. If classic shutters are more your style, and you want them to last for many years, then wood or steel may be your best option for your home.
When installing exterior shutters strictly for decoration, hire a professional to size and mount your shutters for you. This provides the best results and a lasting appeal. Talk to your shutter installation expert about the different types of decorative shutters you can buy for your home that also fit your budget.
Functional Exterior Shutters
Functional exterior shutters are placed directly over your home's existing windows on the outside. The most common type are dual vertical shutters that open outward on either side. This type of shutter not only looks attractive but also adds extra security and insulation to your home. You can lock these shutters from the inside, providing added comfort when you are away from your house.
These shutters are unique, classic and make your home look more grandiose. If you have many windows on your home, you may only want to place functional shutters on large, street-facing windows. Then use decorative shutters for your remaining windows. Or, you can choose to have functional shutters placed on all windows, especially if your home is a flat design and you need to add texture.
Interior Plantation Shutters
Using shutters inside your home allows you to control how much light comes into your house, and they add privacy. Plantation shutters are popular in many homes because they are attractive, easy to install and come in a variety of styles. What makes plantation shutters different from traditional blinds is how wide and thick each louver, or panel, is.
You can control privacy and light with this type of shutter because they are similar to a set of traditional blinds. These shutters add a rich elegance to your home and help hide older or outdated windows.
Plantation shutters are most commonly found in wood, composite or vinyl materials. Vinyl shutters will allow you to have a greater variety of colors to choose from, while wood shutters can be custom-stained in nearly any finish you like. Your shutter installation expert can help you choose the best plantation shutters for your home based on your budget, the size of your windows and how wide you want your shutters' panels to be.
Whether you want to make the exterior of your home more grandiose and contemporary, or you simply want your windows to be more attractive from the inside, shutters can give your windows the appeal you desire. Shop the large selection of popular shutter brands at American Classic Shutters. That way, you’ll be able to make your home beautiful with shutter designs you'll love.