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4 Reasons to Install Shutters on Your Home's Exterior

Shutters are more than decorative additions to your home; they serve a needed purpose as well. If you have been wanting to improve the outside of your home but don't know where to start, shutters are a great beginning project. They not only look great when professionally installed, they can benefit you in other ways as well. Here are four reasons to install shutters on the exterior of your home.

Shutters Are a Low-Cost Upgrade

Shutters add charm and texture to the outside of your home without putting a major dent in your wallet. Expect basic vinyl shutters to cost between $20 and $200 per pair, not including the installation costs. For more information about installation costs, talk to your local window expert.

Custom or wooden shutters will set you back a bit more, but not by a large amount. Custom shutters begin at around $50 and can be as pricey as $320 for a pair. This investment is much cheaper than other projects you can do to improve the exterior of your home, and will immediately add appeal upon installation.

Shutters Can Protect Windows

Not only are shutters decorative, but they can also protect your windows. Storm or hurricane shutters, in particular, will protect your windows and home against flying debris and water damage in the event of foul weather.

These shutters can be installed in a few different ways based on what style you prefer. You can have shutters placed on the upper and lower parts of your windows to act as a shield against weather damage, or you can have storm or hurricane shutters that you can open and close as needed placed permanently over your windows.

Make sure the shutters you buy for protection purposes are made of sturdy materials and can be assembled quickly in the event of an upcoming storm.
Shutters Add Privacy

Classic shutters are the traditional style of shutters that you see placed on windows' exteriors. They can be opened and closed by pulling the shutters outward or pulling them inward, and they clasp with a hook or latch. Once closed, they prevent light from getting in, and, best of all, they keep people from looking in as well.

These shutters provide added security to your home by making it more difficult for intruders to get inside. More attractive than placing bars on your windows to keep thieves at bay, classic shutters are charming and add aesthetic appeal while also keeping your home more secure.
Shutters Are Versatile

Shutters can be installed by or on nearly any window of your home to add charm and a unique look to the outside of your residence. Shutters come in a variety of colors, from stark white to black, and can be made from many types of materials. While vinyl is one of the more common materials for shutters to be made out of, you can also buy exterior shutters made of aluminum, wood or other materials to suit your style and budget.

Why Professional Installation Is Important

It can't be stressed enough that buying and placing shutters on your home is not a DIY project. This is due to the exact measurements you need to follow in order to make sure your installation aligns correctly. Installed properly, shutters add charm and beautiful texture to your home. Installed poorly, shutters can actually give your house a run-down, misshapen appearance.

Whether you want shutters on the outside of your home for attraction or for protection, there are many reasons to invest in this type of home upgrade. The window experts at American Classic Shutters can help you with your shutter purchase and installation.