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Have Kids or Pets? The Best Blinds for Your Home

Wooden Blinds Window
When you have young kids or pets in the home, blinds and shades can get destroyed quickly. Curious children and pets can get tangled up in blinds or rip and bend tender materials, getting harmed in the process or damaging window covers that are time-consuming and costly to replace.
Just because you have pets and kids doesn't mean you can't also have blinds or shutters on your windows - it simply means you need to choose window treatments that are ideal for your household. Here are some options to consider so you can keep your windows covered and your children and pets safe.

Cordless Blinds

 If safety is a concern in your home, consider cordless blinds for your windows. Cordless blinds operate via a retractable lifting mechanism. This makes it easy to operate them and to control how much light gets into your home without having to worry about cords that pets and kids can get tangled in.

You can choose cordless blinds in a variety of styles, including:
  • Roman shades
  • Motorized blinds
  • Cordless shutters
If you have a certain hue in mind for your window treatments, let your window specialist know. They can help you choose blackout shades and shutters in a variety of colors and patterns to match your home's décor. 

Wooden Blinds

 If you enjoy the classic appeal and ease of use of vinyl or metal blinds but want a more durable and attractive option, speak to your window specialist about wooden blinds. Wooden blinds are available in many types of wood, including cedar, bamboo, and other hardwoods, and come in both vertical and horizontal styles. 

If choosing corded blinds, use a small decorative hook next to your windows to wrap the cords around to keep pets and children from getting tangled in them. Wooden blinds can be stained to bring out their natural grain and tone or painted in trending hues like black, white, or even metallic colors to best fit your home's current décor.

Roller Shades

 Designed in a single panel that "rolls" up and down (similar to the way a scroll opens and closes), roller shades can be purchased in a blackout design or in other solid hues. These shades work well in children's rooms or in your main living area where your pets enjoy looking outside.

When choosing roller shades, stick to pure material designs rather than vinyl to prevent shades from becoming ripped or torn by excited kids or pets. Your window installation specialist can help you choose the best roller shades for your home.

Honeycomb Shades

 Honeycomb shades (also known as cellular shades) are an excellent option for your home if you want insulation as well as privacy. These shades are durable and beneficial, and you can have them installed in rooms that children and pets frequent. Similar to blinds, these shades are designed to pull upward, but consist of a solid material rather than slats.

Each section of a honeycomb shade is made of a material shaped like its namesake. Similar to a roller shade but more ornate in design and function, a honeycomb shade is ideal for any room in the home where you want light and temperature control.

While you may not want to have traditional metal blinds in or basic shades in your home, there are varieties of each window treatment style that can be ideal for your busy home. Your window installation specialist can also install any shade or blind of your choosing in between window glass pieces for added protection.

Your budget, desired style, and other factors can help determine which shades or blinds are best for your home. Call our experts at American Classic Shutters for all your window treatment installation needs.