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Light Control Options for the Bathroom

Bathroom Blinds
Bathroom windows can be tricky. You want to let in as much natural light as possible to create a bright ambiance. However, you also need to maintain complete privacy. Naturally, you'll want window treatments for your bathroom window. The foundation of any window treatments is the light control layer. Choose a light control option that best fits your needs and your bathroom's style.


Blinds probably pop into your mind pretty quickly when you think of light control. Window blinds can be a cost-effective and efficient method for controlling light in your bathroom.
You have two orientation options for the louvers - vertical or horizontal. The most common orientation is horizontal. Neither carries more light control effectiveness, so choose your preferred look. Vertical blinds do usually feature wider louvers.
Your biggest decision is probably going to be material. Window blinds come in six main materials:
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Faux wood
  • Bamboo
  • Fabric
Because of the humidity in the bathroom, wood, bamboo, and fabric blinds would be a little difficult - you'd need to get them specially treated. Aluminum, vinyl, and faux wood are all naturally moistureresistant. Of the three, aluminum is the most budget-friendly, while faux wood carries the highest price tag.
Beyond price, you'll also want to consider durability and look. While it's possible to get a higher grade of aluminum, the louvers can sag over time. Vinyl blinds are a little sturdier, and faux wood is the sturdiest of the three. For looks, all three come in a variety of colors, though faux wood is more limited. Vinyl and faux wood do a better job of mimicking expensive wooden blinds.


Shades are another common method of controlling light. Like blinds, they're efficient and cost-effective. For the bathroom, the three main types of shades are roller, cellular, and Roman.
Roller shades are the basic option. They feature a rod around which the material rolls when you pull the cord. Plain fabric and plastic shades are inexpensive. However, you can upgrade the shades with materials such as bamboo and high-end fabrics. For the bathroom, though, plastic or water-resistant fabric is ideal.
Cellular shades are a little like a cross between blinds and shades. Instead of louvers, though, the shades feature long channels - the shades are essentially a stack of these channels. The channels trap air, which increases these shades' insular value. They primarily come in fabric, including water-resistant options. Roman shades are becoming one of the most popular light control options.
Like roller shades, they operate via a pulley system. However, rather than roll onto a rod, Roman shades fold up. The main material is fabric. Indeed, Roman shades come in an almost infinite variety of color and pattern options. Style-wise, they're probably the best choice for your bathroom of all the shades.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a more permanent installation for light control. As their name suggests, they're essentially interior shutters that are attached to the frame of the window. They feature wider louvers than blinds. You can also choose half-shutters, meaning they only cover the bottom half of the window, which is ideal for letting in light while still offering privacy.
The three main materials for plantation shutters are vinyl, composite, and wood. As with blinds, wood is a little tricky for the humid conditions of the bathroom. However, because interior shutters are a sturdier construction, it is easier to waterproof them.
Of the three material options, vinyl is the least expensive, though it's better structurally if you choose solid vinyl or vinyl-coated wood. Composite shutters consist of engineered wood, which is medium-density fibers (sawdust mixed with glue) covered in vinyl or PVC. These shutters do an excellent job if replicating wood while being naturally humidity-resistant.
Blinds, shades, and plantation shutters all offer excellent light control. Which you choose depends largely on your preference in their appearance. Visit American Classic Shutters for a wide choice of all three.