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Popular Ways For Controlling The Light In Your Bedroom

The bedroom is something of an unusual room with light control. When you sleep, you want the room dark so you don't have any streetlight illumination keeping you awake. However, other activities, such as getting dressed, require full light. Below are some options for controlling the light in your bedroom for your specific preferences.

Roman Shades

A traditional way of controlling light in any setting is a standard shade. However, many people are switching over to Roman shades. The big difference between Roman and standard shades is in the mechanism of how the shades go up. Roman shades accordion up like blinds, while standard shades usually roll over a rod. 

A benefit of Roman shades for the bedroom is the fact that they also fit into the window frame at the bottom. Therefore, when you pull them open, you can better secure them to the desired height. Additionally, you can line them or leave them unlined, which affects their light control.

Another benefit of Roman shades is the fact that they come in many more design options than standard shades. Roman shades are made of fabric, so you can choose from an almost unlimited selection of colors, textures, and patterns. You can also customize the edging of the shades to your preferences.


The other most common method of controlling light in the home is with blinds. Blinds consist of louvers that you can angle to let in the target amount of light. You can also pull them up to further control the light. Both of these features make them ideal for controlling light in the bedroom.

With blinds, you don't have quite as many customization options as with shades. However, you can choose between different widths of louvers. You can also choose vertical or horizontal louvers, which impacts the look of the blinds.

Different materials and colors of blinds are available, but they still present a minimal d├ęcor profile. If you want a minimalist effect for your window treatments, you can leave them on their own. However, many designers combine blinds with other window treatments, especially curtain panels.

Internal Shutters

An upgrade on blinds is the internal shutter. As the name suggests, these are similar to the shutters you find on the outside of the house but you mount them on the inside. Like external shutters, internal shutters, or plantation shutters, are a sturdy construction.

Plantation shutters mount directly to the frame of your window, so they're more secure than blinds. They also feature wider louvers that you can adjust according to light preference. You can choose full shutters, meaning covering the whole window, or half shutters. You can also install them on hinges so you can swing them open when you want more light.

A benefit of using internal shutters in the bedroom is their design quality. Because they're sturdier than blinds, many designers let them stand alone. What's more, you can choose wooden or wood-look shutters with natural staining. Such shutters provide a homey atmosphere that's ideal for the bedroom.


When you think of window treatments for any room, your mind probably goes to curtains. They are probably the most customizable of light control options.

Some people like a little diffused light to wake them up in the mornings. Any of the above mentioned options might simply be too dark. In that case, a good answer is to hang sheer panels that stay down over the window. That said, you probably still want more light control and privacy. To that end, consider weightier curtains. You can close them over the sheer panels when needed.

Because curtains come in so many colors and patterns, you want to make sure they complement the rest of the fabric in your bedroom, specifically the bedding. You may mix patterns, but you often achieve a more soothing effect if one of the fabric options is solid-colored.

Light control in the bedroom is essential. Make sure your window treatments best help you keep your bedroom snug or bright as needed. Visit American Classic Shutters for a wide variety of bedroom window treatments.